Proscreen, Inc., carries multiple lines of projection screens – portable, electric, manual pull downs, rear projection and permanent wall projection screens. We offer the world’s widest selection of projector screens for the ultimate in convenience and professional presentations. Whether for your presentations, office, boardroom or home theater we have a projector screen to fit your needs.

Custom screen orders are also available.

Permanent Wall Screens
Ideal for airports, train stations, malls, conference rooms, auditoriums, sports arenas, digital advertisement or home theater, our selection of wall screens provide you with the style, size and fabric to fit your needs.

Outdoor Theater Packages
Complete kits for outdoor movies in your backyard or large group event. Screens are used at local celebrations, concerts, by municipalities for park and recreation related events as well as any custom package made just for you.

Home Theater Packages
Buy a complete kit for your home theater, taking sports events and movie watching in the privacy of your own home to a new level.

Rear Projection Screens
Choose from a wide range of rigid rear projection screen systems for any need ranging from corporate boardrooms to home theaters. With our rear projection screen options, viewers can enjoy bright, high resolution images without turning the lights off. See more.

These screen options are perfect for churches and other hall and auditorium purposes. See places of worship.