Plasma Video Wall

A Whole New Era In Digital Signage


  • 4 sides DZF technology implement seamless Multi-PDP.
  • 4 side DZF (dead zone free), makes the edge of each panel luminant.
  • It gives an excellence in continuity of displays with less than 5mm seam when consisting video-wall and improves the uniformity remarkably with 4-sides glass edge structure technology.
  • The newly developed edge structure allows for impressive reduction of gap between each panel.
  • Conventional PDP has its pad connected to circuit on the 3 side of panel of non luminant area of front sides of panel. Therefore they have more than 100mm gap between each panel.
  • See the comparison between INFINITE and conventional Multi-PDP.


Transparent digital signage brings a huge “wow factor” for visual display applications, perfect for marketing, trade shows, retail and more.

DNP Screens

DNP projection screens, in a variety of formats, make impressive and affordable solutions for presentations in the office or entertainment at home.

Video Wall Solutions

Video wall applications for commercial display are perfect for airports, shopping malls, stadiums, places of worship and more.

Rear Projection Screens

For boardrooms, lobbies, restaurants, and casinos, as well as a vast array of optionsĀ for audio visual (AV) consultants to cover almost any installation requirement.

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