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Venus Electric I
Motorized versatile curl free projection screen, wall or ceiling mount.

Galaxy Electric II
Motorized, in-ceiling mounted in a custom wood composition housing with automatic trap door.

Saturn Electric III
Tab tensioned and motorized for front or rear viewing. Ceiling or wall mounted.

Polaris Electric IV
Ceiling mounted, trap door, tab tensioned and motorized.

Manual screen with the same advanced easy mounting aluminum extruded housing used in electric screens.

Framed video wall mounted screen including velcro attachment for front or rear view with permanent flatness. An optional stand is available.

Dual motor, trap door includes two screens in one providing transition between two formats, 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio. Exclusive design.

Video Projection Accessories
Low voltage and remote controls and accessories. Decorator panels available for some retractable front screens. Housing cases with four color schemes; white, black, beige, or gray, with decorator panel inserts.