ProScreen is proud to offer DNP Supernova Front Screens, high contrast, motorized, video wall screens.

Most set up procedures use a very fine wire and hardware system that support the HoloProscreen from the ceiling or ceiling to floor in free suspension. CAD Drawings and set-up information is supplied by Holo ProScreen.

A demonstration stand including a floor projector mount on a 35 degree angle with space for a DVD or VCR computer CD system is available with the HoloProscreen demo system for a quick set-up. Includes ATA cases. Additional cost used by distributors or exhibit companies.

Conference rooms, board rooms, control rooms, visual display screens (including video conferencing systems). ProScreen specializes in custom visual imaging systems and integration of all aspects of visual communications as shown in examples. ProScreen visual imaging systems are installed throughout the U.S. markets with manufacturing factories on the west, midwest and east coasts. We have certified installers in all locations.

For more information see our front and rear screens.